Decorative Paper Clips

decorative-clips-1Here is a super cute embellishment idea to share with you…decorative clips. Paper clips that is, and so quick to put together. All you need are some of the larger sized paper clips, and scraps. And, any little embellishments or glitter to decorate with. Oh, and a stapler! [read more]

Post It Note Covers

Post it note coverIf you are anything like me, and maybe even if you aren’t, then you love pretty things. Am I right? I love when things can be pretty and functional. Just because something serves a purpose doesn’t mean it can’t be colorful or exciting. Something like let’s say post-it notes. I use these constantly. At home, at work, and every where in between. So when I found out the new Amy Tangerine Plus One collection was coming out, I knew that it was a match made in heaven. (Of course, you can use any stock you choose;-) [read more]

Earthy Fairy Button Cowl

Earth Fairy CowlThe Earth Fairy Button Cowl is an elegant project that uses a special skein of yarn.  Rows of eyelets are finished off with a pretty open picot edging and topped with two lovely buttons.  This cowl is versatile and can be worn in lots of different ways, fastening it with one or two of the buttons.  No need to work button holes in either, the eyelets and edging work just fine.  The Earth Fairy Button Cowl is quick to stitch up, making it a perfect gift idea too! [read more]

DIY Seashell Necklace

shellnecklacepinFINALnewOn a recent trip to Scotland, we were on a bus tour and the driver stopped along the shore at the Firth of Fourth for picture taking. It was raining {surprise!} and so, I stayed on the bus and watched. Hubby went a little further than expected and was the last one back on the bus. The reason? He’d taken time to see if he could find me a shell;-) So yes, I have hauled that tiny shell 4000 miles home and this is exactly what I’m going to do with it! Scotland was on the top of my bucket list, and I’m ecstatic I have a check next to that one. {click for tutorial}

Post it FramesOk, so here’s another inexpensive fun little gift. I made these for my son’s pre-school teachers. Super easy, and in my opinion…super cute! [read more]

Broomstick Lace Infinity Scarf

Broomstick ScarfI can’t believe I waited so long to try out the broomstick lace technique. I have to admit, I was a little intimidated at first but after a little practice and much patience, I was able to complete this stunning infinity scarf!

I posted an image of my scarf-in-progress and received a lot of positive feedback. With this feedback came the request of a pattern. I have to admit, this is more of a technique than a pattern, but I have included in this post the exact number of stitches and rows to complete an infinity scarf all on your own. If you are completely unfamiliar with the broomstick lace, I suggest watching my video tutorial to help you learn! [read more]

Simple Pearl Pendant Necklace

Handmade-jewelry-designs-simple-yet-dignified-pearl-pendant-necklace-step3 With section of aluminum wire and pieces of lightweight acrylic imitation pearl beads, it’s easy and inexpensive to make this elegant pearl pendant necklace. Check it out for the details on how to make this handmade jewelry design. [click for tutorial.]