Easy Fleece Hat Pattern

Easy Fleece Hat Pattern

Easy Fleece HatI’m always the one at the store digging around in the bargain bin fabric. Is it just me or is there something about discounted fabric that is just….exciting? It seems like most of my sewing projects tend to be made with scraps or small pieces so I love finding a deal and adding to my fabric bin at home. [read more]

How To: Wire Wrapped Rings

How-to-Wire Wrapped RingsIt’s been a while since I made a project that made me say, “Oh my goodness, I just can’t stop making these!” I tend to have a short attention span when it comes to crafts, I love making things once, and moving on to the next thing. But, I dare anyone to make just one of these beaded wrapped wire rings!  They are an easy jewelry project that doesn’t need a lot of supplies, it’s something you can customize by using different beads, and they only take about 5 minutes per ring to make.  Best of all, wrapped wire rings are a great way to use up those individual bead stragglers you may have lying around leftover from other projects – since each ring just needs one. {read more}

Moss Stitch Beginner Crochet Market Bag

moss-stitch-beginner-crochet-bagBags, bags, and more bags! I love crocheted bags, but I may have overdone it a bit this summer with bag patterns. At the same time, they always come in handy; and most bags were taken off me this summer rather quickly. So that worked out good for me. I have one more market bag and then that will be it for bags this summer.

Anyhow, on to the good stuff for today, this moss stitch bag is great for a crochet beginner. After the bottom is completed, the bag is turned after each round in order to keep the seam straight. Turning also helped to create a bit of a different texture. {read more}

Easy Knit Trellis Lace Scarf

Easy Trellis Lace ScarfEasy Trellis Lace Scarf
By Annika Barranti

I wanted to offer a pattern to show that lace doesn’t have to be difficult. This four-row pattern is easy to memorize, and very forgiving of mistakes. Can’t remember if row 1 or row 3 comes next? Just pick one. To substitute yarn, be sure to choose needles several sizes larger than recommended. [read more]

Repurpose Old Jeans Into Wine Bag’s

Pant Leg to Wine Bag

Back to school has us weeding out the old, the too small & the “uncool”.

With a pile of jeans my girls out grew in my arms, I was struck with an idea…

Those pant legs could be wine gift bags!

Now since this was about 10 am, I want you to know I was not drinking wine, or even thinking about drinking wine.

{read more}