Paper Star Christmas Ornament

how-to-make-a-star-christmas-treeThe thing I love about these Christmas tree stars is that they look intricate, and yet the method for making them is incredibly easy. In fact they’re so easy that in Finland these are a popular decoration for children to make! [tutorial here]







Crochet Woven Christmas Heart

Crochet heart ornament

A small woven Christmas heart, which a traditional symbol of a Danish Christmas. The traditional colors are red and white same as their flag, but you can make them in any 2 colors!
The heart is made of 2 alike crocheted pieces, which a woven together and stitched together at the bottom with sewing thread.

Small Woven Christmas heart (US terms)
Hook: 3 mm (C or D), Yarn weight: Sport / 5 ply (12 wpi)
I used cotton yarn for these.
Ch 8, 1 sc in 2nd from hook, 6 sc (1 strip)

Crochet heart ornament 1
Repeat twice, so that there are 3 strips in total.

Crochet heart ornament 2
To create the arch, work 3 dc in same stitch, find a stitch slightly right of center, then work again 3 dc in same stitch, but in a stitch slightly left of center.

crochet heart ornament 3
Weave in ends and if necessary, drag any holes together.

Now the first half of the heart is done, now you need to make one in a different color.

crochet heart ornament 4
The 2 pieces is now woven, the strip ends is sewn together with a thin thread to hold it together.
You can hang it up with a thread, but you can also crochet a handle, for example:
Ch 8, 1 sc in 2nd from hook, 6 sc

Knitted Pumpkin Napkin Rings

Pumpkin Napkin Rings

Finished size 3½” diameter
SUPPLIES & TOOLS: Makes 15 napkin rings
• Bernat® Handicrafter® DeLux™ Yarn, 1 skein ea:
Paprika (MC), Cloves (A) Avocado (B)
• Knitting needles size 7 or size for gauge
GAUGE: 21 sts and 27 rows = 4” in stocking st
PUMPKIN: With MC, cast on 4 sts.
Row 1: (WS). Inc1 in each st to end of row. 8 sts.
Row 2: Knit.
Row 3: Inc1 in each st to last st. K1. 15 sts.
Row 4: Knit.
Row 5: (K3. P1) 3 times. K3.
Rows 6-10: Rep last 2 rows 7 times more.
Row 20: (ssk. K2tog) 3 times. ssk. K1. 8 sts rem.
Row 21: K2. (P1. K1) 3 times. Break MC.
Row 22: With A, ssk. K4. K2tog. 6 sts rem.
Row 23: Knit.
Row 24: ssk. K2. K2tog. 4 sts rem.
Rows 25-27: Knit.
Row 28: (K2tog) twice. 2 sts rem.
Rows 29 & 30: Knit.
Row 31: K2tog. Fasten off.
RING: With B, cast on 27 sts.
Row 1: (RS). Knit.
Row 2: Knit.
Row 3: K1. *yo. K2tog. Rep from * to end of row.
Rows 4 & 5: Knit.
Cast off purlwise (WS).
Sew side edges tog. Sew pumpkin over ring seam

Approx = Approximately
Inc1 = Increase 1 stitch by knitting into front &
back of next stitch
K = Knit
K2tog = Knit next 2 stitches together
P = Purl
Rem = Remain
Rep = Repeat
Ssk = Slip next 2 stitches knitwise one at a time.
Pass them back onto left-hand needle, then knit
through back loops together
St = Stitch
Tog = Together
WS = Wrong side
Yo = Yarn over

Warn ‘N Toasty NO SEW Sweater Pumpkins

Well sweater pumpkins seem to be pretty popular and I know why, they are really neat!  There also are a few tutorials available on the internet to make them yourself.



You can find one here at hummadeedledee.  And, another here at Small Fry & Co.



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Free Knitting Pattern…Strawberry Jam Neck Wrap!

Strawberry Jam Neck Wrap The Strawberry Jam Neck Wrap is a pretty and festive accessory that adds a punch of color to a gray day.  A simple five row stitch sequence is super simple for beginners, but is equally engaging for seasoned knitters as well.  A pretty eyelet row adds to the visual appeal, and this project has no purling whatsoever!  Worked with larger needles, the result is a very quick project that is warm, lofty, and beautiful.

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Monday Mini Project ~ TP Pumpkin Decoration;-)

Pumpkin Toilet PaperAren’t these pumpkins cute? Call me cheap. Or frugal. But they are made by wrapping a roll of toilet paper with fabric. The girls are wanting to decorate for fall. I was going through our fall decorations and realized we needed some new ones but didn’t want to take a ton of time to actually make any or spend the money on buying some. So I came up with these.

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Wire-Wrapping Tutorial ~ Button Necklace


If you’re drawn to vintage style and antiques, chances are you have a jar or two of pretty old buttons. Carved mother of pearl buttons are especially popular to collect. With just a little wire and a few jewelry making tools, you can make an easy button pendant with basic wire-wrapping techniques. In this post, I’ll show you how to wire-wrap buttons with a technique that can also be used for lampwork discs and other flat components.

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