Monday Mini Project ~ Crocheted Skinny Scalloped Scarf

Crocheted Skinny Scalloped Scarf

Crocheted Scalloped Skinny Scarf

Here it is, my friends, the crocheted skinny scalloped scarf. A super project for beginners and for anybody who’d like to whip up a load of handmade gifts in the next month or so. And guess what, these scarfs may look like they’re more for style than warmth, but I can attest to the fact that they’re great neck warmers to wear anytime without the bulk of a regular scarf. In fact I’m wearing one right now!

And if you’d like your skinny scarf to be not so skinny, so use a few strands of yarn and a bigger crochet hook (or chunky yarn) for a skinny chunky scarf. I actually made this scarf from two strands of some pink baby weight yarn that was given to me (thanks Dena!) by a reader who moved out of town, and this was the perfect project. My daughter sometimes wears this scarf with her dressy shabbat outfits in grays and blacks, and it looks super!

Crocheted Skinny Scalloped crochet scarf flat


Super Simple Crocheted Skinny Scalloped Scarf Pattern:

Gauge is really unimportant for this one, yippee!

If using two strands of baby weight or sport weight yarn, use a size J or K hook, but the best idea is to make a small sample with the yarn you’ll be using and find the crochet hook that produces the best results.

Foundation Chain: Ch 203 very loosely

Row 1: dc in fourth chain from hook and in every stitch until the end, turn

Row 2: ch 3, dc in every stitch across, turn (Note: for a slightly wider scarf one can simply repeat row 2)

Row 3: Skip first 2 stitches, *scallop in next stitch, skip next stitch, slip stitch in next stitch, skip next stitch, and repeat from * across to end.

A scallop is made as follows: in the specified stitch crochet (1sc, 2hdc, 1dc,2hdc, 1sc)


Courtesy of: Creative Jewish Mom

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